ATV's & Motorcycle Coatings

We know that your bike is a source of great pride for you, therefore, we take great measures to ensure that we give you the best quality possible.

We start by cleaning and degreasing, then we mask the parts for blasting wherein we send them into our large indoor blast room or through our wheelabrator machine to get all of the old coating off and prepare the metal surface to receive the powder coating. This ensures that the coating will bond to the metal, with no chipping, we know that the prep. work is the most important part of the job, because if you donít have a solid foundation to start with, the rest of the work is going to be unstable. Once the parts are blasted the inspector will approve or reject them for coating.

We have coated thousands of Motorcycle parts in our 10 years of powder coating. (We have been through the stress of not doing the prep work right and having to re-do or replace parts at our expense), for this reason we take the utmost care in working with your parts, so that when it is done we are all happy with the out come. Furthermore, our parts inspector will not allow substandard work (according to our training parameters) leave the premises.

We are committed to giving the highest quality standard possible, and meeting the time schedule required. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

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