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Precision Coating, Inc was founded in 1995, with the idea that quality is always better than quantity. When we first started we coated everything manually and visually inspected every single part to ensure that only the highest possible quality was achieved. Over 15 years later the only thing that has changed is more than tripling the size of our facility, our knowledge has increased 100 fold, and our turn around time has improved dramatically. We still coat manually and visually inspect, but we also use high tech testing equipment to make certain every part of every job meets the proper standards to ensure only the highest quality of work is acheived.

But perhaps what really makes Precision Coating unique is that we understand that no job is exactly the same. That?s why we employ creative and highly skilled individuals who help provide solutions to the challenges for each unique project. It?s also why we own one of the largest batch ovens in the U.S., a huge indoor sandblasting bay, and why our large selection of quality stock colors are unmatched.

We also understand that many jobs are time sensitive. Another key attribute of Precision Coating, Inc is that we do everything in house. This means that job times are naturally faster, higher quality, and more cost effective because we don't have to outsource anything. Plus, since we keep our own schedule we control the time frame of every job from start to finish. Average turn around time for most jobs is 2-3 days, although special exceptions can be made for those time sensitive jobs.

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