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Fabrication: We offer prototype fabrication as well as large runs of parts.

SaveCancelClose Sandblasting: Our in-house Sandblasting operation is next to none; We operate a large capacity indoor facility of 42? x 25? and the ability to run multi blasters at the same time. We also have two automated blast machines offering a large capacity of 6? x 7?. We are able to take on large jobs and get them through the process quickly. We use different types of abrasive material depending on each project (please call for specs).

Burn Off Service: We offer burn off services to remove old paint etc. at 750 degrees.

Powder Coating: We operate several powder booths, allowing us to do multiple colors at the same time. We have a very large coating capacity 38.5? x 10? x 9.?

High Temp Ceramic Coating: We offer coatings and linings for exhaust systems in Blacks, Silvers and Grays. Chrome is also available for limited sizes. There are several high temp metallic colors offered for brake components as well.

Baking: We have several baking ovens and we can meet most any size requirement.

Packaging/Shipping: We do packaging for all parts, be it for local delivery or long distance. We have the experience and equipment to package, load and ship anything from Parcel to Flat Bed to Barge. Rest assured that your parts will arrive safely and in good condition.

Finish Types: We offer Powder Coated finishes in all colors, sheens, textures and even custom blends. We also do Rustic, Decorative, Antique, CARC coatings for military work, and Faux finishing with powder coating achieving the look of different substrates. We are unsurpassed in this art.

Industries Served: Architectural, Construction, Pipe lining and coating, Industrial Machine, Automotive/ATV and Marine.

Markets served: Military, Industrial, Commercial and Walk in customers.

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Rustic finish

It is simply making new things look old. Our edge is that we know how to do it with powder coating giving a more durable finish.

Decorative Finish

It is a process whereby single or multi colors are brought together to create a beautiful finish enhancing its surroundings.

Antique Finish

It is a matter of restoring any project so that it appears to have its original finish and in new condition.

Faux Finish

It is a process of making things look like something else, such as; metal looking like wood, wood looking like metal, making wood or metal look like stone etc. Our edge is that we are able to do this art with powder coating.